For the weekend, my friend, Aras, and I rented a car and took a trip to the southern coastal city of Bournemouth, with a quick stop at Stonehenge on the way. Apart from seeing a new side of England, this would also be a great opportunity to enjoy the foreign, engaging experience of driving on the “right” side of the road! Once I have a chance to catch a breath, I will write a few posts about the trip and the rest of my week in London, but for the time being, here are a few quick shots of our ride.

Aras posing with our Fiat 500
Aras posing with our Fiat 500


The action camera put to the test
The action camera put to the test

Below is a quick, fast-forwarded clip of a pleasant Sunday drive through London. The video slows down around Westminster for some footage of the abbey, Big Ben and other attractions around Parliament Square.


  1. erol dilligil

    Nice! It feels like we are traveling altogether! Looking forward for your “chance to catch a breath” 🙂

  2. lovely video there dude! cant wait for more footage from the weekend in London/Stonehenge/Bournemouth, as well as future posts!

    • Thanks bud! Im trying to upload some posts/videos from Lake Como, but the internet connection is so slow that the wordpress app keeps deleting posts that I have written! Will try to have something up soon

  3. Terry Federoff

    I enjoyed the video. Love the fast feature. Shifting the car with my left hand would seem very strange.

    • Im glad you enjoyed the video! I had access to a computer for a day and played around with some video editing software, I think the fast forward feature will come in handy for some of the longer scenic drives I hope to upload later! Left hand was strange at first, also with 1st gear furthest away instead of right by the driver, but it’s a quick adjustment, definitely tons of fun!

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