One of the reasons that I love to travel so much is that it has a remarkable way of bringing passionate, diverse and open-minded groups of people together. Another reason is that it gives me the opportunity to exchange and share experiences with these fellow travelers. While it has been some time since I’ve been in one of those meeting grounds, be it a hostel lounge, Couchsurfing host’s living room, or alone on the streets in a new country, I now find myself experiencing that same energy with debatably the most passionate, diverse and open-minded group to date. And through this collaboration, we, as world travelers, aim to bring to you, our friends, family and dedicated readers, a colorful and diversified look into how these experiences have shaped our lives.

Under the leadership of my friend Hung Thai, and in collaboration with more than 75+ travelers from all over the world, we have written a book, “The Trip That Changed My Life”, an eclectic compilation of travel stories that had a profound impact on each of our journeys and lives! We are proudly supporting Save the Children and Unbound, and all sales from this project will be donated to these two charities.

The book is now available for purchase until June 17th on Indiegogo! If you are interested in supporting this cause, CLICK HERE for details and to purchase!

“The Trip That Changed My Life” is available in three different formats:

  1. E-book: $10
  2. Paperback Book: $25
  3. Full-Sized, Full-Color Coffee Table Book: $65

Our Indiegogo page also has special perks for different combinations of these three!

Please feel free to reach out to me or any of the other members with any questions. Follow our Facebook Page and Instagram, and read more about the project here. I am truly amazed at how this wonderful group of travelers has been able to come together from all over the world and bring this project to fruition. Thanks to all of my fellow contributing travelers, and everyone else for your support!

Meet some of our writers below:


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