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Blast from the Past – Eurotrip 2010, Part IV
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Blast from the Past – Eurotrip 2010, Part IV

After the Hofbräuhaus festivities, we were all ready for a nice long rest on the 9 hour night train from Munich to Florence. Little did we know, however, that this was not going to be possible. The crowded and exceptionally hot cabins made it impossible to sleep, forcing us into the even more crowded and […]

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Blast from the Past – EuroTrip 2010, Part I

Sometimes considered the quintessential rite of passage, the summer InterRail backpacking trip through Europe is a dream for some, a long-lasting cultural tradition for others, and a romantic idea for most. For me, it started as a thought, quickly developed into a consuming passion and eventually became a reality. During my second year […]