The luxury of free internet at the Atlanta International Airport has given me the opportunity to try out my tablet and write my first official post from the road! With a fully packed 35 liters, a delicate allocation of clothing, camping gear, electronics and hygenic necessities, I am ready to take off for my first destination – London!

Saying my final goodbyes
Side view of my 35 liters

After turning off my iPhone and leaving it behind, I made my way to the security line, happy to be liberated from the luxury of unlimited data and constant access to everything.  However, I immediately came across a situation where I had to adapt. In the relatively short security line, I made a new friend from France, Laurent, with whom I struck a conversation through the security and on to the duty free. As we went our separate ways, Laurent was kind enough to offer me his number in case I needed any advice or someone to get in touch with when I made it out to France. My hand immediately went into my front right pocket, at which point I grinned at the reflex upon realizing it was empty. As my tablet was off and stored away in my bag, I dug out this archaic device from a side pocket of my bag:

World phone

What would normally take about 8 seconds ended up taking 3 minutes as I waited for the phone to turn on and struggled to find the “add new contact” option. First checklist item for landing in Heathrow: get a pen and notepad.

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