It has been an eventful six weeks of traveling so far, with 7 countries and countless cities visited. There is a great deal to write about, with new stories piling on everyday. In an effort to keep posts interesting and up-to-date for you, my dedicated readers, I want to share my adventures as I experience them. However, this raises a problem when, for example, I publish a post about arriving by ferry in Croatia when, all of a sudden, a post about the Basque region of Spain sneaks its way in. I can see how this can get confusing, and I have already received a few comments bringing this to my attention.

Moving forward, I will try to post about current or very recent travels, and throw in ones I have missed every now and then…And to resolve the confusion, I have made a detailed Google Map itinerary of my travels to date. Click here for a highlight of my journey so far.

Reading the Map

The trip itinerary on the left side of the page lists the destinations, as well as travel paths between major stops. They are listed in chronological order, but just to avoid any confusion and provide easier viewing, each route has dates included in the title. Some of the pins on the map that mark the destinations will also have brief comments, usually restaurants in the respective city. And no map is complete without a legend:

  • Purple Lines Flights
  • Black Lines – Car, bus or other transport by automobile
  • Orange Lines – Ferry
  • Turquoise Lines – Hitchhiking routes
  • Light Green Lines – Rafting

This link will change as I update with new routes and destinations, so stay tuned! Also, this map and interface is a work in progress, so I am very open to recommendations for improvement or alternative sites or applications to use. And if you find yourself having trouble following the chronology of the posts, hopefully this will be an efficient and easy-to-use guide.

Cheers from Korčula, Croatia!


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