One of the reasons that I love to travel is that it naturally brings passionate, diverse and open-minded groups of people together. Furthermore, it presents the opportunity to exchange and share experiences with these fellow travelers. While it has been some time since I’ve been in one of those meeting grounds, be it a hostel lounge, Couchsurfing host’s living room, or in the streets of a new country, I found the most eclectic group of travelers without even leaving my home. And as a part of this group, we, as world travelers, aim to bring to you, our friends, family and dedicated readers, a colorful and diversified look into how our travels have shaped our lives.

Under the leadership of my friend Hung Thai, and in collaboration with more than 75+ travelers from all over the world, we have written a book, “The Trip That Changed My Life”, an eclectic compilation of travel stories that had a profound impact on each of our journeys. This project proudly supports the charities Save the Children and Unbound.

The book is now available for purchase on Amazon in kindle and paperback! If you are interested in supporting this cause, CLICK HERE for details!

During the one-month Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign, a total of $10,360 was raised. $3,423.16, the remainder of the funds book printing and shipping/handling, was donated to charity.

The paperback and E-book versions are now offered on Amazon due to high demand, however those who purchased a coffee table book during the Indiegogo campaign own one of 125 exclusive copies.

Thanks to all of my fellow contributing travelers, and everyone else for your support!


Meet a few of our writers

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