Google Maps Itinerary

As I post about my adventures on the road, chronology will sometimes be an issue. While trying to keep posts up-to-date and in order, occasionally a few stories from earlier in the trip will sneak their way in. In an effort to make life a little easier for you, my dedicated readers, I have created a Google Maps itinerary that will track my major destinations, as well as the paths I have traveled to get there. Note: Map might not work on select browsers.

Click Here for my Travel Map

Reading the Map

The trip itinerary on the left side of the page lists the destinations, as well as travel paths between major stops. They are listed in chronological order, but just to avoid any confusion and provide easier viewing, each route has dates included in the title. Some of the pins on the map that mark the destinations will also have brief comments, usually restaurants in the respective city. And no map is complete without a legend:

  • Purple Lines Flights
  • Yellow Lines – Trains
  • Black Lines – Car, bus or other transport by automobile
  • Brown Lines – Motor scooter, motorcycle or other two wheeled motor vehicle
  • Orange Lines – Ferry
  • Turquoise Lines – Hitchhiking routes
  • Light Green Lines – Rafting

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